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Bambi - You Make Me Happy

August 2012

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Bambi - You Make Me Happy


My first legacy in the 11+ years that I've been simming.  Please don't make fun of my terrible camera skills.

My Founder, Zoey Bacon.
Zoey is neuroticrobotic's Zelda Grim

Zoey's shack

Picking potatoes at the park across the street.

While Zoey was borrowing some veggies from a neighbor's garden, I noticed Mortimer Goth playing catch with his future brother in law.

Planting a victory garden.

Zoey ALWAYS has the Beautiful Vista moodlet.

Birdwatching: You're doing it wrong.

Yard bird for dinner anyone?

Zoey was picking up a flame fruit out of this guy's front yard and he ran outside to invite her in.

Zoey followed him in, despite being warned of stranger danger.

Creeper dude was a bit much, so I sent her to the park to find a potential mate.

Zoey met Xander Clavell, D-bag extraordinaire. They hit it off and everything was going well.

Then Xander's dad peed himself and everyone took a moment to laugh at him.

Like father, like son.

Xander's dad: Karma is a bitch!!!!!!!!

Zoey is so shocked that her false lashes nearly fall off.

Zoey was so disgusted, she just turned and walked away.

Despite Xander's very public humiliation, Zoey calls him the next morning. I'm not a Simlish expert, but I'm pretty sure they were talking about sex toys.

Promotion! Zoey's LTW is to reach the top of the business career and she's doing well.

Feeling lonely, she decides to invite Xander over and asks him to be her boyfriend.

Whereupon she learns one of his traits.

Like I said, D-bag. I don't even have a picture of him rejecting her because he hightailed it outta there.

But Zoey is a girl who gets what she wants.

The theme of their private wedding? Pajama Party

Zoey is suddenly craving ice cream.

Zoey: I wanted ICE CREAM. This is orange sherbert.
Xander: Same thing.
Zoey: I hate you.

Xander attempts to redeem himself by buying pregnancy books.

Xander stealing veggies. Did I mention he is in the criminal career track?

The Heir is born!
Behold Fai Dan Bacon!
Everything the light touches shall be part of his kingdom!

Zoey got pregnant again, and Xander rolled this want.  Poor guy, all he wants is a daddy's little girl, but that's too bad...

Fai Dan is the cutest Pudding toddler I have ever seen.

Xander has some very unorthodox methods of repairing stuff.

Zoey gave birth to twin boys!  This is Urdnot, and he likes to spend his time picking his nose.

This is Wrex, and all he does is CRY ALL THE TIME.

Urdnot as a child. Why yes, he has been working out.

Fai Dan

I got tired and stopped taking pictures.  Xander cheated on Zoey with Kaylynn Langerak (no surprise there), Zoey found out, they got divorced, and Fai Dan aged up to teen.

Off Topic:

Don't you just hate it when fairies fart all over your construction site?


Everything is better with bacon... :)